Inspections, Install, Repair & Maintenance

Imperial service doesn’t stop at the sale. On-site and off, our dedicated team of field support specialists is always available to ensure your Imperial tanks are flawlessly constructed and installed.

Our experienced customer service team is always available to visit customers for on-site inspections, site assembly assistance, or supervision of field installations.

Similarly, our doors are always open for customers and their inspectors to visit our state-of-the-art tank manufacturing facility and see the proud workmanship that goes into each and every Imperial tank. From raw material beginnings, all the way through construction and our thorough inspection process that includes spot radiography, pressure, and liquid penetration testing, come and see the Imperial quality difference that’s second to none.

On-site inspections

Many factors affect the overall life cycle of a welded storage silo. Coatings maintenance, the environment, usage, moisture, frequency of cycling, damage from accidents or weather events, changes in material or material density, thin spots, and dents from flow problems are just a few of the things that contribute to how well – or poorly – a silo ages.

Due to strong demand from our customers, we’ve created a tank inspection program for silos manufactured by Imperial Industries Inc., as well as silos built by other manufacturers. We’re routinely called to sites where silos have no identification information or may have been manufactured by companies that are no longer in existence. We’ve been building silos for 41 years as a trusted leader within the industry, fully equipped to evaluate any and all of the silos at your facility.

As part of an inspection, you will receive:

  • Visual inspection of welds
  • Visual inspection of coatings
  • Visual inspection for corrosion
  • Thickness testing and mapping
  • Engineering analysis, including confirmation that your silo conforms to current building code and is structurally adequate for safely holding the existing material

The analysis is comprehensive, including details of the inspection and our recommendation for maintenance, repair, or replacement. Imperial Industries Inc. is fully staffed with qualified professionals including Structural Engineers and Inspectors certified through AWS, ASNT, and NACE. We are an ASME Code shop as well, holding both a U and R Stamp for the fabrication and repair of pressure vessels. If you feel this is a service that would be beneficial, please contact us to receive more information or schedule a site visit.

Contact Chris for ITS inquiries

Chris Brooks
Sr. Quality Control Inspector Estimator, Industrial Tank Services, AWS Certified Welding Inspector, ASNT ACCP Level II (VT) Inspector

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