Imperial Industries has years of experience designing and fabricating industrial bulk storage tanks and silos for many applications. We are an industry leader in dry bulk and liquid storage serving many different markets including Chemical & Petrochem, Dry Bulk Storage, Fire Protection, Food Product Storage, Government & Military, Industrial Liquids, Minerals & Mining, Municipal Utilities, Oil & Gas, Power Industry, Water & Wastewater.

Chemical Storage Tanks

We design & fabricate silos and tanks for storage and blending of both dry bulk solids and liquids. Imperial Industries offers a variety of storage tank products for the chemical processing market including hazardous and non-hazardous chemical storage.

Food Processing and Milling Storage Tanks

We provide food-grade storage tanks for the storage of raw and refined food ingredients, such as:

  • Milling: Raw grains, flours, and by-products
  • Cereals: Whole and processed grains, sugar, additives, and by-products
  • Bakery: Flour, sugar, spices, salt, oils, additives, and other ingredients

Foundry and basic metals or minerals storage tanks

We offer storage solutions for raw materials such as metals, ores, chips, and by-products including sand, clay, resins, and binders.

Mining and aggregates

Aggregate silos can be used as a cost-effective solution for storage of sand, gravel, cement, asphalt, rock, roofing granules, minerals or as a simple solution for sand and rock storage where space is at a premium.


We offer plastic resin storage for the blending of pellets, powders, resins, and flakes.

Power plants and power utility storage

Storage silos and tanks are available for all types of dry bulk solids and liquids, plus PAC, lime, and more

Pulp, paper, and wastewater

Imperial can provide your business or company with bulk storage solutions for wood chips, chemicals, and waste treatment.

Waste water treatment tanks

Imperial Industries designs and fabricates storage tanks all the way to complete assembly of these systems and vessels for lime, soda ash, carbon, and water treatment media vessels for processing sludge.

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