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Our Self-Contained Slide-In Unit is one of a kind. The original horizontal fresh water tube, our slide-in design allows for the equalized weight distribution of water and waste levels and offers incredible versatility. Often imitated but never equaled, the Imperial Self-Contained Slide-In Unit is frequently used for portable restroom maintenance, grease service, oil spill clean-up, and countless other applications for specialized industries.

Optional fresh water compartments or waste-only units are available with your choice of vacuum pump and engine package. The Self-Contained Slide-In Unit is available in steel, aluminum or stainless steel, and stock sizes of 300, 450, 550 and 650-gallon capacities.

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Custom Options

Vacuum Pump Options:

  • Masport HXL3 (106 cfm) 9 HP Honda Engine
  • Masport HXL4 (160 cfm) 9 or 11 HP Honda Engine
  • Conde Super 6 (72 cfm) 5.5 HP Honda Engine
  • Conde SDS6 (115 cfm) 9 HP Honda Engine
  • Optional Yanmar Diesel with Conde Pumps

Other Options:

  • 50′ Intake Hose with PVC Wand
  • Front Hose Shield
  • Fork Lift Skid


  • Manufactured in Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Stock sizes include 300-, 450-, 550- and 650-gallon tanks
  • One-compartment or two-compartment options w/ horizontal water tube
  • 50' water hose
  • Corrosion protecting Zinc anode in water and waste (aluminum only)
  • 30' or 50' intake hose with PVC wand
  • Honda gas engine
  • Whale water pump
  • Oil catch muffler
  • 8" primary shutoff
  • Poly secondary scrubber
  • 2" water fill
  • Masport HXL3 (see options for vacuum pumps)
  • 3/4" bucket fill
  • 3" discharge

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