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Grease Units

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Imperial Industries’ aluminum and steel grease units, some of our most requested liquid waste tanks, are built to complement a wide selection of truck chassis, including International, Freightliner, and Peterbilt, and can also be assembled on any customer chassis.


Custom Options

Vacuum Pumps:

• Masport HXL15 (Air or Liquid Cooled)

• Masport HXL75 (Air or Liquid Cooled)

• Masport HXL400 (Liquid Cooled)

• NVE Challenger 607 (Air or Liquid Cooled)

• NVE Challenger 866 (Air or Liquid Cooled)

• Fruitland RCF500 (Air Cooled)

• Wittig RFL100 (Fan Cooled)

• Wittig RFW150 (Liquid Cooled)


• NVE 4310 Blower

Other Options:

• Painted

• Spray on Chip Guard

• Aluminum Hose Protection

• SeeLevel Indicator

• Front Fill

• Riser Fill

• Protech tool boxes in various sizes

• Heated Valves

• Debris Collector

• Wide Spray Attatchment


  • 1/4" 5454 Barrel
  • ASME dished heads
  • 3/8" thick full length skids
  • Two full-flanged and dished heads for baffles
  • Three 6" interior channel ribs
  • Full doubler plate
  • Hose trays with rear tail light sections
  • 12" x 3" primary with internal air line
  • 20" top manway
  • 20" rear manway
  • 6" flanged discharge port
  • 4" flanged intake port
  • Two hose hooks
  • Two hose guards
  • Ladder
  • Three 5" sight glasses
  • Rubber sills


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