Portable Restrooms

Imperial Industries offers a complete line of portable restrooms, sanitation services and accessories. From one-of-a-kind slide-in units and sleek wash stations to deodorizers and all-important restroom accessories, our septic support systems and equipment have been the go-to choice for the liquid waste industry for more than 20 years. Browse our full line of portable restrooms below.


Global units are widely known for being one of the strongest values on the market, with a number of attractive features hardly seen in base-level models. Its popular Dirtbuster base allows for a clean floor and constant fresh air, helping to improve ventilation and reduce odors. Other features include an elbow door latch to prevent the spreading of unwanted germs, molded-in side vents and an extra sturdy, one-piece door frame. Top to bottom, Global delivers the features you deserve at the price you demand.

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The aptly named Liberty unit provides exceptional freedom of movement. The spacious, wheelchair accessible unit is packed with features inside and out. Made from high molecular weight polyethylene, Liberty offers the utmost durability and vandal protection, providing safety and security for all users and helping to retain its sleek, sturdy shape for many years.

Inside, users will find easy maneuverability and modern finishes such as a patented flat floor system, handrail assistance and a reliable rotary latch indicator system. For ease-of-use, care-free service and added room to move, Liberty is the sensible choice.

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Freedom units stand as the only fully ADA and Title 24 compliant portables on the market. A unique front design features “living hinge” corners and a built-in, interlocking door to help Freedom units retain their shape and absorb shock when transported or subjected to stress events. Additionally, a capped roof and stainless steel front floor brackets are securely combined with the front and side walls for added strength and stability. As a light, strong and fully ADA compliant portable, the proven performance and inviting appearance of Freedom continues to sing.

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Breeze takes freestanding handwash units to the next level with its sleek design and care-free operation. Featuring a resilient exterior, hands-free foot pump, fingertip-to-elbow wash, safe and fully-sealed water tank, plus easy access to both the fresh and grey water drain plugs, improved hygiene on the job has never been such a breeze.

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