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#5JE Rubber Insert

10/30 Non Detergent (1 Gallon)

2″ Sight Eye Gasket

4 7/8″ Sight Eye Gasket

5″ Sight Glass Gasket

50 Weight Synthetic Oil (1 Gallon)

50 Weight Vacuum Pump Oil (1 Gallon)

80/90 Weight Gear Lube (1 Tube)

Dipstick for Jurop Engine Gearbox

Filter Element for NVE367/506/4307

Filter Element Inlet for NVE 607 and 866

Flow Meter for Liquid Cooled Pumps

Fruitland RCF370 Rebuild Kit with Bearings

Fruitland RCF370 Vane Rotor

Fruitland RCF500 Bearing (ea)

Fruitland RCF500 Rebuild Kit

Gearbox Bracket HXL4 Masport

Gearbox Mounting Bracket for 607 Liquid Cooled

Gearbox Mounting Bracket for Fan Cooled 367/607/506/866

Honda Gas Engine Sight Glass

Jurop LC420 Aluminum Gearbox Mounting Bracket

Jurop PN106 Vane

Jurop PN23 Rebuild Kit with Bearings

Jurop PN23 Vane (1 Vane)

Jurop R260 Alignment Bracket

Jurop R260 Aluminum Gearbox Mounting Bracket

Jurop R260 Ballast Check Valve 1/2″

Jurop R260 Rebuild Kit w/o Bearings

Jurop R260 Sintered Ballast Filter

Large vacuum Pump Stand

Masport Diesel Flush Kit (HXL4)

Masport Diesel Flush Kit (HXL75/HXL400)

Masport HXL15 Replacement Vanes (4 Vanes)

Masport HXL15V Rebuild Kit with Bearings

Masport HXL15WV Rebuild Kit with Bearings

Masport HXL3V Rebuild Kit with Bearings

Masport HXL4 1 1/2″ Pre Filter Element SS 300 Micron

Masport HXL4 Shaft Guard

Masport HXL400 Alignment Bracket

Masport HXL400 Replacement Vanes

Masport HXL400 Vane Rebuild Kit with Bearings

Masport HXL400WV Blue Gasket

Masport HXL400WV Green Gasket

Masport HXL4V Rebuild Kit with Bearings

Masport HXL4V Replacement Vanes (4 Vanes)

Masport HXL75 and HXL400 3″ Pre Filter Element

Masport HXL75 Replacement Vanes (4 Vanes)

Masport HXL75V Rebuild Kit with Bearings

Masport HXL75WV Rebuild Kit with Bearings

Masport Oil Reservoir Cap

Masport Push Fitting for Oiler

Masport Reservoir Kit

Masport Summer 20 Weight Oil (1 Gallon)

Masport Swivel Elbow for Oil Line

Masport Winter 10 Weight Oil (1 Gallon)

MEC6500 Vane

Mobil SHC630 ISO220 (1 Gallon)

NVE360 Rebuild Kit with Bearings

NVE367 Rebuild Kit with Bearings

NVE4307 Gasket Cover Filter 4 Way

NVE4310 Filter Element

NVE4310 O-Ring

NVE460 Rebuild Kit with Bearings

NVE607 Rebuild Kit

NVE866 Rebuild Kit with Bearings

Oiler Tubing Clear (per ft.)

O-Ring 2-265 Viton for Filter

Pump Stand for HXL 4/75

Shroud for NVE866 Liquid Cooled

Standard Vacuum Pump Stand

T68 Summer Vacuum Pump Oil

Temp Gauge NVE

Temperature Gauge for Lime Mil Rubber PN08141-01

Thermometer for HXL15 Temperature Gauge

Vane (350 355 357 360 and 367)

Wittig Oil Cap

Wittig RFL100 Gearboc Mounting Bracket

Wittig RFL100 Rebuild Kit with Bearings

Wittig RFW150 12 Volt Cooler

Wittig RFW150 Diesel Flush Kit

Wittig RFW150 Gearbox Mounting Bracket

Wittig RFW150 Rebuild Kit

Wittig RFW150 Rebuild Kit with Bearings

Wittig RFW150 Vane Kit (6 Vanes)

Remote-Controlled Vacuum System

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