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Electrical & Lights

12 Volt Relay
150 amp Circuit Breaker for DC10/Cat Pump
150 amp Circuit Breaker for DC10/Cat Pump
2″ X 12″ – 12 Volt Heat Tape
2-Hole PTO/Water Pump
3-Hole Electrical Box Assembly w/ Green LED
4″ Round Strobe Light
4-Hole Electrical Box Assembly w/ Green LED
Amber 2.5″ LED Marker Light
Back-Up Alarm
Complete License Plate Kit
Cord Grip for Electrical Box (PTM)
DC3200 Cougar 12 Volt Vibrator
DOT 3- Hole Primary-Inlet-Outlet
Double Hole Enclosure Electrical Box
Heavy Duty Toggle Switch (Marine) (Slide-In)
LED 4″ Clear
LED Rocker Switch PTO
License Plate “Braket Only”
License Plate Light
Module for Green LED PTO Switch
Oval Strobe Light
Peterbilt HIgh End Rocker Switch (LIghts Water Pump etc)
Peterbilt Rocker Switch Mid-Level Switch (Lights Water Pump
Red 2.5″ LED Marker Light
Replacement Green Lighted (Switch Only)
Replacement Switch for 121327 (Non Lighted)
Rubber Boot (Slide-In)
Singe Hole Enclosure Electrical Box
Solenoid (New Style) for DC 10 Pump
Solenoid for Air Activated Valve
Switch Pressure On/Off
Work Light Value Fit (2 AMPS)
TM, LED Light Kit (D.O.T. Running / Clearance)
Tape, Electrical (12 Volt) Heat Tape (2″ X 24″ Long)
Light Kit LED (P.S. Unit Rack)
Light, 4″ Red LED (Stop / Tail / Turn)
Switch, Off/On Selector Switch
Guard, Metal (For Enclosure Switches)
Slide-In Wiring Harness (14GA) For Optional Vehicle Hook-Up
Slide-In Wiring Harness (14GA)

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