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Whether you operate a single pump truck or a whole fleet, you need parts that get the job done right. And from hoses to hardware, if it's in our catalog, you'll find it on our products. So why should you trust parts and accessories from Imperial Industries? Because we do. It all starts here.

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Cam-Lock, Hose Shank 1″ Alum
1″ Type F
1″ Type V
Cam-Lock, 2″ Coupler X Hose Barb
Cam-Lock, Adapter 2″MNPT
3″ Aluminum Camlocks
3″ Type D
3″ Type E
3″ Type F
3″ Type V
3″ Type W
Cam-Lock, 3/4″ Adaptor (MNPT)
Cam-Lock, 3/4″ Dust Cap
4″ Aluminum Camlock
Cam-Lock, 4″FM / 3″ML Coupler
4″ Type E
4″ Type F
4″ Type V
4″ Type W
Cam-Lock, 3″Barb / 4″ Coupler
6″ Aluminum Camlock
Cam-Lock, 6″FM/3″ML Coupler
Cam-Lock, 6″FM/4″ML Coupler Alum
6″ Type E
6″ Type F
6″ Type V
6″ Type W

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