Core Values

Mission Statement

“Imperial Industries is dedicated to the principle of manufacturing the highest quality products while providing the best customer service in our industry.”

Core Values

Customer Focused

    • For more than 40 years, customers have been one of our main focuses. Our customers have greatly contributed to the growth and success of Imperial Industries, Inc.

Safe and Pleasant Work Environment

    • One of Imperial’s main values is making sure that we have a safe and pleasant work environment for our employees. We demonstrate this core value through the facility equipment, company culture, promotion and support of healthy lifestyles, and work-life balance.

Continuous Growth and Improvement

    • Imperial Industries, Inc. is constantly looking at ways to grow and improve for both our customers and our employees. We are continuously looking at ways to advance our processes and enhance our products to heighten our customer satisfaction.


    • Another contributor to the growth and success of Imperial comes from team members working together. When team members work together, it helps to improve ideas, advance products, and enhance processes.

Pride of Ownership

    • Through hard work, dedication, and achievements, we have been able to make Imperial what it is today. We take great pride in the accomplishments and growth that we have made over the past 40 years.

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